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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the Road, on the Wagon--Gettin' Scrappy

Ahhh. Decisions. Choices. Priorities. Blah, blah, blah.

I've had to make a few lifestyle changes in the past two weeks due in part to me freaking out and others urging me to "buck up".  I have about three months to do this thing, this 26.2 mile run of insanity. I am WAY behind on mileage. Time to get scrappy.

Weeding out bad habits is an important part of exercise and staying fit. At some point, we all have to ask ourselves, how bad do I want it?  

I've decided I want it pretty badly. I am giving up a few things I somewhat enjoy or am used to in order to achieve a bigger goal that I love.

I made a mental list of all my habits/pastimes and decided which ones eat up precious time (i.e. watching Ali choose some douchebag for fame on the Bachelorette) or are sucking my exercise energy right out of me (after-work drinks). I made a decision. I am scrapping those things out of my life. For the Queens Half, I have been on the wagon for almost two weeks. I was going to allow myself one post-race beer, but after that...well...I think I have to stay on the wagon until November. I bartend for a living, and I love beer, but I have to remember the goal--I am going to love finishing that marathon knowing that I kicked some major butt even more than any delicious pale ale. Even more than Kona Fire Rock. Sigh.

I also gave up the Bachelorette--I can read the re-caps on Television Without Pity. I have blogs to write, people to train, and miles to run. I need to pursue things that are going to push me forward.  Let's face it--right now, my running and writing are more important . 

If you are serious about adding fitness as a staple in your life, you MUST look at the big picture. We all have habits that are holding us back. Sure, some things we do or like aren't as threatening to our fitness goals as others. Pick and choose your battles accordingly with the goals you have in mind. I cut back on these two items specifically because a. they are a waste of time, and b. they didn't make sense.

I urge you to create your own Free Time Fulfillment Scale. It's simple; make a list of everything you do with your free time, and rate how happy you feel after you've finished each activity. If there is something on there that doesn't make you feel as great as you thought it should, get rid of it. Cut back. Scrap it. Replace it with something more fulfilling. No one ever said you have to continue watching a crappy tv show, or go out for poorly made margarita after work just because you're used to it. Be honest with yourself.

Good luck, everyone. Happy wagoning.

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