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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yes, Sometimes I Hate Running

There. I said it.
I'm a personal trainer in NYC, a running tour guide, marathoner, etc., and yes--sometimes I think the unthinkable when I'm out on the streets, pounding the pavement: "Why am I doing this? This effing sucks."
Masochists, we runners are, with our toenails falling off and chaffing happening everywhere (yes, everywhere).
After reviewing all the "bad" thoughts I've been having this summer about running, not running, trying to run after taking time off from a bum ankle and totally sucking, a conversation with my friend got me thinking. She asked me, "Why doesn't anyone talk about the struggle?" She meant the struggle to stay active or "fit", whatever that means to you and your relationship with society's view of the word (which is a little messed up right now, to be honest).
She's right, though. Why not talk about the struggle? When we say "struggle", it implies that we won't give up. It implies a certain stubbornness, and a fight that we go into knowing that we won't give in easily, not like a cleanse you go on for a day or two, seeing the light at the end of a tunnel (or a bathroom toilet). Running, weightloss, fatloss, whatever your goal is, staying active--period--is a struggle.
I want to explore that reality in the next few months, as I train my way to the NYC Marathon in November. Not every training run is going to go as planned, and I will be lucky if I finish, in my opinion. So stay tuned for this blog's future (which has been sporadic, I admit), and look for not only posts highlighting tips, workouts, and pats-on-the-back, but posts that also hopefully provide a little empathy for the fellow man and woman, no matter what figurative wall you're trying to pole vault over in your own life.
To the Mattresses!

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